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 Please Note Our Candles Are Hand Poured As Orders Come In.  Soy

Candles Can Take 48 Hours To Two Weeks To Cure. 


Although Soy Wax Can Be Used As A Massage Oil Everyone’s Skin Is Different.  Our Scents Are Labeled As “Skin Safe”.  It Is Recommended By Scents Of Ambition That You Consult With Your Physician Before Applying To Skin. 

Scents Of Ambition Is Not Responsible For Any Type Medical Issues (Such As Skin Irritation, Hives, Skin Discolorations, Allergic Reactions Etc…) That May Occur.



If You Are Allergic To Nut Based Products You Should Not Use Soy Candles On The Skin. 

Because They Contain Soy And Can Also Contain Jojoba And Other Nut Based Oils.  

Keep Away From Young Children.  Discontinue If Skin Irritation Occurs.

No Refunds On All Candles.  Please Alert Us Immediately If Your Items Arrive Damaged.

Candle Safety & Caution:

  • Never Leave A Candle Burning Unattended.

  • Keep Burning Candles Away From Children And Pets.

  • Never Burn A Candle Near Any Flammable Objects. 

  • Keep Candles On A Flat Heat Resistant Surface For Best Results.

  • Always Extinguish Wicks When You Are Leaving A Room.

  • Blow Out Your Candle With Care To Avoid Splatter.

  • Placing The Top On The Candle To Extinguish It, Is Not Recommended. Ø Discontinue Use When There Is 1/4" Of Wax Left In The Container Ø Handle Hot Candle Jars With Care.

  • Trim Your Candle Wick! Do This Either Before Or After Each Burn.

  • Be Sure To Burn The Candle For At Least An Hour To Get A Full Melt Pool.

  • Having A Full Melt Pool Gives The Best Scent Throw.

  • Keep Candles Away From Drafts To Prevent Soot And/Or Smoking.

  • When Burned Properly Soy Candle Have Little To No Soot.

  • Failure To Properly Care For Any Candles Can Result In Injury Or Fire. Ø Failure To Trim Candle Wicks Can Result In Injury Or Fire.



Candle Etiquette:

  • The First Time You Burn Your Candles Allow It To Burn For 2-4 Hours To Get A Nice Full Melt Pool And The Best Scent Throw.  

  • Never Burn Candles More Than 4 Hours At A Time.

  • Extinguish The Candle Carefully To Avoid Splatter Of Warm Wax. 

  • Fragrance In Candles May Differ:

    • Some Scents Are Stronger Than Others.

    • Our Soy Candles Are Made To Order.

    • Upon Receiving Your Soy Jar Candle It Is Possible The Candle May Need To Finish “Curing”.

    • Recommended Cure Time 48 Hours To Two Weeks (Some Are Longer).

    • If There Are Any Questions Or Issues Please Contact Us Via Email Info@ScentsOfAmbition.Com



Delivery Is Available For Locals In The Northern, Virginia Area (Delivery Charges May Apply).

Shipping Is Available Upon Order Payment Completion Through USPS Priority Mail.  Because All Candles Are HAND POURED It Can Take Up To 14 Business Days For The USPS To Deliver Orders.  

Pick-Up Is NOT Available.

Scents Of Ambition, LLC.  Is Not Responsible For Damaged Items (See Below).

Scents Of Ambition, LLC.  Is Not Responsible Once Are Products Delivered And Received.


Refunds/Exchange Policy:

No Refunds On T-Shirts.  An Exchange MAY Be Available Providing That All

Apparel Is Not Damaged, Soiled, Washed Or Worn.  Exchanges Will Be Decided Once The Merchandise Has Been Examined.  Customer Is Responsible For Return Fees.

No Refunds On All Candles.

Customer Is Responsible For Return Fees And Shipping Of Exchanges (If Approved).

No Refunds On All Candles.  Please Alert Us Immediately If Your Items Arrive Damaged.


Soy Candles

To prevent fire and serious injury: Burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and vibrations. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn candle on or near anything that can catch fire. 

Burning Instructions: 
Trim wick to 1/4 inch before lighting. Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings. Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.



Body Butter And Scrubs Caution, Warning And Disclaimers:

  1. Warning/Caution:

  2. Our Skin Care Products Contain Oil & Butters In Them Please Use Caution When Walking On Floors, Entering And Exiting The Shower And/Or Tub As The Products Can Make It Slippery.

  3. Please Rinse Sugar/Salt Scrubs Thoroughly.

  4. Please Discontinue Use If You Are Allergic To Any Of The Ingredients In Our Products.

  5. Please Do Not Attempt To Self-Treat Or Medicate Without Consulting Your Physician.

  6. Scents Of Ambition Products Are All GMO Free, Vegan, Natural & Organic However, Our Products Have Not Been Tested By The Food And Drug Administration. 

  7. Our Products Are Not Intended To Treat, Cure, Diagnose Or Prevent Any Diseases Nor Does It Substitute For Any Medical Diagnosis, Treatment Or Serve As Medical Advice. 

  8. Please Consult With Your Physician Before Using Scents Of Ambition Products. 

  9. Scents Of Ambition Is Not Responsible For Any Skin Irritation And/Or Rash.


  1. Do Not Ingest

  2. (Wash Hands Before Rubbing Eyes And/Or Lips)

  3. Avoid Eye Contact.

  4. For External Use Only.

  5. If Eye Contact Occurs Rinse Eyes Well With Water, If Irritation Persists Please Seek Medical Attention Immediately.

  6. Discontinue Use If Rash Or Irritation Occurs.

  7. Keep Out Of Reach From Children And Pets.

  8. Always Test Product On A Non-Visible Area Of The Body.

  9. Because Our Products Contain Pure Essential Oils And Are Absorbed Into The Skin Please Consult Your Physician If Pregnant.



Salt & Sugar Scrub Instructions:

Rub In Circular Motion On Dampened Skin.  Exfoliate The Skin & Rinse Thoroughly.  External Use Only.  Do Not Use If Allergic To The Ingredients.


Soy Tart/Wax Melts:

Remove One Soy Wax Melt From The Packaging And Place In Clean And Empty Warmer.  For The Plug-in Night Light Soy Melt Warmer Only Put One Soy Melt In At A Time.  For The 2in1 Candle And Soy Melt Warmer One Melt Should Be Sufficient However, You Can Put 3 To 4 Soy Melts In The Bowl.

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